Payment options

● Click on "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" for the items you need.

● After subscripting, please remember to complete the “checkout” action to be a complete order.

●If the goods are out of stock, the buyer can cancel the order unconditionally.

●Because of the large amount of material flow, the subscript is deemed to be purchased after the subscript is not accepted.

● Due to the different resolution of the computer screen, there may be a slight gap between the actual product and the color.

Purchase information:

→Please select the pick-up method "Family Super Business" or "7-11 Super Business"

→ Payment method "Cash on delivery" or "Transfer remittance"

※Please be sure to fill in the name of the complete identity document and the mobile phone number for the contact notice.







Remind you, we will never call you to operate the ATM to cancel the installment, ask you to provide credit card information!


Usually the scam phone has a "+" sign. Do not answer the phone with the "+" sign.


If you have any doubts, please call the 165 anti-fraud line as soon as possible.

Shipping & delivery

delivery time :


Goods will be shipped within 2-4 days (working days) after the remittance transfer confirmation.


The cash on delivery order will ship the item within 2-3 days (working days).






shipping time:


According to super business logistics


Delivered within approximately 2-4 business days of shipment.


In case of delay in delivery, please refer to the delivery time of Chaoshang Logistics Announcement.

Order tracking

Order Tracking:


After completing the checkout, please go to the mailbox to receive the order number and enter the order number in the "Order Inquiry" on the website for enquiry.




Order change:


Orders are generally processed within three days. Please inform the order change status before shipment to deal with the temporary corrections. If the consumer does not take the initiative to inform the order, it will not be replaced. The amount of time between the waiting time for shipment and the amount of freight replacement must be borne by the consumer.

Sales & refunds